July 7, 2021

What is Aristillus?

The goal is to provide a “respectable” (this isn’t 4chan - our expectations of behavior are below), high signal (aside from containment topics), low security (but still private) forum for discussion, primarily among a cluster of people on Twitter who lean some mix of centrist, libertarian, center right, proactionary, and rationalist.

This is a low security community. Don’t say anything that would wreck your life if it got out.
Be courteous. De-escalate. Give intellectual charity.

We have had fantastic discussions on this forum. We’ve talked about the ethics of abortion; the political difficulties of space colonization and the tyrannies likely to arise; we’ve had excellent reviews of homesteading books. We talk about 3d printing upgrades, and books on learning how to be better shooters. Sometimes people get acerbic, but they’ve been mostly willing to back down.

Sometimes best hat stops by to post, too.

We welcome new posters. There is an application form that you can access at the following link.

It may take a couple days for your application to be reviewed.